Saturday, July 23, 2011

ever heard of alex metric?

he is pretty great. he remixes all of my favourite bands and does a pretty damn good job of it. here is his remix of phoenix's lisztomania.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

things i have been up to.

well this is unexpected.
really did not think id be writing a blog this week. iv gotten out of joburg for a week and iv down come to visit my parents in their native land of vermont, and i gotta say its pretty freaking amazing. i generally switch off my phone and forget about it, so blogs are normally out of the question.

a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and i guess i didnt realize how tired i really was. its so great to be home near the mountains and ocean.

dont get me wrong! i have had a really great few weeks and i did it right by getting a couple of rolls of film to start it off.

this is what iv done:

melville kopies. chinese food. vida too often. rooftops. cresta missions. guinness. dj'ing. guinness. flights. getting the wrong apartment. stellenbosch. remembering a dream. seeing an old friend in cape town. making new friends. sleeping in. art exhibitions. album artwork. phoenix discography. cheap development. cooking at home. milo drink in a litre box. not shaving. mash up wednesdays. missing mona. sketches. tea. boo. angry boys. late night pizza. a really awesome ice coffee. chocolate brownies. loosing my wallet. rock shows. birthdays. ocean. home. making fires.

im pretty happy right now.

i hope you enjoy the photos. i used the red tinted lamography film for the action sampler shots. more on that later.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a review: Lomography Action Sampler

Ok i know im a couple of days late on this one but iv been super busy, um staying in bed and eating everything i can see.

but here it is, a review on the Lomography Action Sampler

I was given this camera for Christmas of 2010 by Anna, i dont know if you still read my blog but thank you so much for this toy - its one of my favourites and i truly cherish it because its from you.


The Action Sampler is a multi lensed camera and comes in various models. 4, 8 or 12 lenses. i have the 4 lens model and i must say, although iv never used the other models, i think it is the best due to the fact that i feel that fitting 8 or 12 images into a single frame is a bit much and i personally feel you will lose a lot from the image.


The Action Sampler takes 4 images in the span of a second in a counter clock wise direction. it works best if you or your subject is moving in some sense as the the four images will be different opposed to a still object where it will be four of the same images.


This is definitely a day time camera, no matter what film you use, and is best used in full sunlight, even shade seems to mess it up to an extreme degree. only certain models of this camera support a flash and id be very keen to get my hands on one and see how that combats the night and shade.



its a great little plastic, oh how i love you Lomogrpahy, camera and is super fun for sunny days out. its just really fun to use because the view finder is not accurate at all and you are never sure what you are going to get. my advice for this camera is shoot from the hip, move as much as you can and make sure its super sunny out!


hope you enjoy the images.