Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animation and Amsterdam

Well Hi guys!

Never thought id be writing a blog in the Netherlands but here i am and here it is.

So lets start with the Animation first shall we? sounds great.

This is Another Animation that i did for School using found objects, i prefer cables to lost socks, so i created my characters and sets out of mainly old computer parts, webcams, cables and headphones. i would have liked it to be a little longer but quite honestly i just ran out of time before i had to run for europe. it is entitled Eye am inside.

And speaking of running to europe.

it was 24 hours of travel but i finally touched down in Amsterdam on thursday Evening and ill tell you this place is pretty amazing. its not just the legal marijuana, Dr.Pepper abundance, Duvel's Alcohol content or The naked girls in windows its the vibe that the whole country has. kids dont have to hide stuff so they dont and its really refreshing to see all this creativity. i guess being stoned helps too.

so here are a few pictures from The Dam and from The Haag where we went yesterday to go see our buddy Murry's performance art piece.

a green seated train

Matthew playing some sweat tunes in a town circle

Tim and I enjoying a Beer before Murry's show

some Sacrificial shit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Be Still

Hi there.

i thought this post could be all about my favorite photographs that i have taken of people.

these photo's hail from 2007 and 2010.

i must say that film is most definitely my home boy and i have selected 6 images that best represent my favorite features of film. each pair of images was shot on 3 different cameras and types of film and each pair has their own memories and feelings attached.

ill be blogging more in future about my camera collection and my different experiences of different camera's so maybe, just maybe, if you are thinking about buying a new camera you might just follow my advice.

lets jump right in.

these 2 images were taken on my Lomography Diana. i really like the thought of lomography and a lot of their camera's are actually really good, i own enough to know. these images were shot on medium format black and white ilford 400. they were taken in Febuary 2010.

these 2 images were taken on a Yunon yn 600, a pretty nice little plastic fixed lens camera, with a Diana flash attached. i really like how the colour temperature differs as the roll of film progresses, gotta love plastic cams! they were shot during May 2010 on 35mm Fuji Superia 200 with the sprocket holes scanned.

Finally these two images were taken in December of 2007 and are still two of my favorite photo's i have ever taken. this is for 2 reasons, i had just gotten into photography and i think these two photo's made me realize that maybe i could be a photographer and the fact that they depict that time so well. they were taken on my Pentax K100 using 35mm fuji superia 200.