Friday, December 23, 2011

all i want for christmas...

is dragonette and the baseball jacket she wears in this music video...

Friday, December 2, 2011

closed eyes:sunshine

well its been sometime since iv blogged. i dont know why really. i keep going "ok, today is the day for a new entry!" and then something shinny catches my eye and i totally go off on a different tangent for the day.

but thats completely beside the point. this is a new entry. it is a new mixtape for summer. its called "closed eyes:sunshine"

i find when ever i listen to music in summer, especially when im lying in the sun slightly intoxicated, i just kinda get lost in it. thats the feeling i tried to capture with this mix and i hope it comes across.

so when you have a moment or two: find a sunny spot, lie down, put your arm over your eyes, let you body bake and your mind wonder.

its available to stream or download. i hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This Monday the kids down at Kitcheners and High 5 records are throwing a freaking awesome party called She Vox which is going to be freaking amazing! did i say freaking enough? The evening is inspired by female vocals as womans day is the following day, yeah for public holidays! Now iv always been a fan of female vocals and would have to say that 8 out of 10 of my favourite bands are fronted by sassy lady singers. This Concept got me super excited and although i am not playing i thought id create an unofficial mixtape for the event. so i am proud to present you with: SHE VOX.

The event also just happens to be falling on my birthday and i highly advise that you attend if not only for that reason. ill probably be passed out on a couch somewhere for most of the night due to Oppi injuries but it would be lovely if you shook me on the shoulder, checked if i was still breathing and wished me happy birthday.

its R30 for men folk and free for can RSVP here

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ever heard of alex metric?

he is pretty great. he remixes all of my favourite bands and does a pretty damn good job of it. here is his remix of phoenix's lisztomania.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

things i have been up to.

well this is unexpected.
really did not think id be writing a blog this week. iv gotten out of joburg for a week and iv down come to visit my parents in their native land of vermont, and i gotta say its pretty freaking amazing. i generally switch off my phone and forget about it, so blogs are normally out of the question.

a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and i guess i didnt realize how tired i really was. its so great to be home near the mountains and ocean.

dont get me wrong! i have had a really great few weeks and i did it right by getting a couple of rolls of film to start it off.

this is what iv done:

melville kopies. chinese food. vida too often. rooftops. cresta missions. guinness. dj'ing. guinness. flights. getting the wrong apartment. stellenbosch. remembering a dream. seeing an old friend in cape town. making new friends. sleeping in. art exhibitions. album artwork. phoenix discography. cheap development. cooking at home. milo drink in a litre box. not shaving. mash up wednesdays. missing mona. sketches. tea. boo. angry boys. late night pizza. a really awesome ice coffee. chocolate brownies. loosing my wallet. rock shows. birthdays. ocean. home. making fires.

im pretty happy right now.

i hope you enjoy the photos. i used the red tinted lamography film for the action sampler shots. more on that later.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a review: Lomography Action Sampler

Ok i know im a couple of days late on this one but iv been super busy, um staying in bed and eating everything i can see.

but here it is, a review on the Lomography Action Sampler

I was given this camera for Christmas of 2010 by Anna, i dont know if you still read my blog but thank you so much for this toy - its one of my favourites and i truly cherish it because its from you.


The Action Sampler is a multi lensed camera and comes in various models. 4, 8 or 12 lenses. i have the 4 lens model and i must say, although iv never used the other models, i think it is the best due to the fact that i feel that fitting 8 or 12 images into a single frame is a bit much and i personally feel you will lose a lot from the image.


The Action Sampler takes 4 images in the span of a second in a counter clock wise direction. it works best if you or your subject is moving in some sense as the the four images will be different opposed to a still object where it will be four of the same images.


This is definitely a day time camera, no matter what film you use, and is best used in full sunlight, even shade seems to mess it up to an extreme degree. only certain models of this camera support a flash and id be very keen to get my hands on one and see how that combats the night and shade.



its a great little plastic, oh how i love you Lomogrpahy, camera and is super fun for sunny days out. its just really fun to use because the view finder is not accurate at all and you are never sure what you are going to get. my advice for this camera is shoot from the hip, move as much as you can and make sure its super sunny out!


hope you enjoy the images.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Say Fever!

wow. so i had totally forgotten about this band. a new friend how ever enlightened me to their presence again. think im going to have to go visit potch some time soon. amazing video and even better song.

its Ramona Falls with I Say Fever and i hope it keeps you warm, i think its perfect for winter sunsets.

New Camera Review up next week. hope you all have a great week. Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a review: Diana wide angle lens


This blog post is about one of my all time favourite cameras and now my one of my favourite lenses. The Diana Comes with a standard 25mm lens that iv never really had a problem with until my ever so kind brother bought me the 38mm super wide angle lens. wow. It is a total game changer when it comes to this camera. I must be honest that i havnt used my Diana in a couple of months, due to the fact that it is a medium format camera and the film is really expensive in relation to the number of photos you get from it, a maximum of 16. With this lens attached however i think i will be using my Diana more and more, especially for photo shoots and the like. The Diana is a great Camera because it allows for a number of attachments that other Lomography camera's do not support but in my opinion without this super wide angle lens you are better off buying a Holga, Diana is about lenses and if you dont collect a few it will never reach its full capability. Here are 4 photo's that i recently took with this lens.


Dstyles smoking some pipe.


i cant remember who this photo is of but i like it.


this image was taken at f.u.c.t. friday, notice the dirt on the lens. awesome.


and finally a photo of my animation Homies.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Mixatape 2/4

So this is Double Adapters second Mini Mixtape for Mfm. Soundcloud allows 100 downloads and the first Mixtape ran out of downloads in 24 hours. This one lasted 12. Im really enjoying making the album artwork. Its simple but works perfectly i think. Hope you enjoy it, it contains our very first single "Eat you alive!" which will be released within the next few weeks, now all i have to do is find a hot model to be near on naked for the album artwork...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art Fag. mixtape. song for the day.

Hi. Well for a change im giving Tuesday a break, well in reality Tuesday broke me, and giving Thursday a shot at its old glory. So this Thursday at Bob Rocks in Greenside i am pleased to bring you Art Fag Thursday. its gonna be oh so arty. expect the usual of getting far too drunk, creating some performance art on the dance floor and getting home way after your bed time. Your Dj's for the night are myself and the ever arty Destrukto. You can expect happy hours through out the night to keep your blood alcohol content on a constant uphill.

Ok the next little gem described in the heading of this blog post is a mixtape and this time its from Double Adapter, oh the self promotion, we are Mfm's "band" of the month and are releasing 4 mini mixtapes in the month of june to celebrate this. i was interviewed by them last thursday and was a little too drunk to carry myself properly, i forgot how to spell adapter. whoopsy. so enjoy this mixtape if you are into your pounding techno music.

Double Adapter MFM Mini Mixtape 1 of 4 by DoubleAdapter

And finally here is my song for the day. its only a few hours old but its a tough one. its miike snow with animal.

Later kids.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Review: Yunon Yn 600

I got this Great little Cam about a year ago and have mentioned it in my previous post about my favourite cameras. its a 50mm fixed glass lens with a plastic body and only 4 settings: Sunny, Sunset, Partly cloudy and cloudy. these photographs were taken when it was brand new, and when i say brand new i mean when i bought it second hand from Deer Hunter in Greenside, the best place to pick up great second hand Cameras! it came in its original box with the warranty and a strap for it. notice the scratches on the lens, that kind of thing makes me super happy. the only issue that i had with it was that it was super fragile and cracked it a few times. i taped it up and it is in perfect, well not perfect, condition. yay for light leaks! hope you enjoy the photographs.

Em at the Junksale

Aliki on the Art house roof

Dstyles keeping it reel.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

back catalogue

tonight i listened to the entire Bloc Party back catalogue from start to finish. including all the remix albums and obscure b sides. iv never managed to do this so im pretty proud of my self. i listened to it in the reverse order of how they were release, so i started with intimacy and ended with silent alarm. compliments was the last track i listened to just over half an hour ago. its still ringing in my head.

Monday, May 30, 2011

i forgot how much i love Fischerspooner. pan pipes and all.

I take the trouble, I take the time.I get the feeling that I‘m doing what‘s right.I may be reckless, maybe a fool but I get excited when I get confused.

Suicide Tuesday

hey hey hey!

so i know, iv been really awful with this blog, terrible! naughty naughty Flikkerr! its been a great rush around of doing different things since i have returned from europe but i think the time is right to make a come back here and i promise to bring you something slightly interesting to read and something perhaps more interesting to look at in the next few days.

but till then, its Suicide Tuesday Tomorrow!

what does that mean? well generally it means one too many tequila's and a lot of regret the next day. sounds great huh!?

I will be spinning all my favourites for all my favourites! so if you have any requests please let me know :)

Mr. Greg Tucker aka. Destrukto will be joining me with his suitcases of cds.

So pull through to Bob Rocks in Greenside Tomorrow Night from around 8 and perhaps ill buy you a drink from across the room.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animation and Amsterdam

Well Hi guys!

Never thought id be writing a blog in the Netherlands but here i am and here it is.

So lets start with the Animation first shall we? sounds great.

This is Another Animation that i did for School using found objects, i prefer cables to lost socks, so i created my characters and sets out of mainly old computer parts, webcams, cables and headphones. i would have liked it to be a little longer but quite honestly i just ran out of time before i had to run for europe. it is entitled Eye am inside.

And speaking of running to europe.

it was 24 hours of travel but i finally touched down in Amsterdam on thursday Evening and ill tell you this place is pretty amazing. its not just the legal marijuana, Dr.Pepper abundance, Duvel's Alcohol content or The naked girls in windows its the vibe that the whole country has. kids dont have to hide stuff so they dont and its really refreshing to see all this creativity. i guess being stoned helps too.

so here are a few pictures from The Dam and from The Haag where we went yesterday to go see our buddy Murry's performance art piece.

a green seated train

Matthew playing some sweat tunes in a town circle

Tim and I enjoying a Beer before Murry's show

some Sacrificial shit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Be Still

Hi there.

i thought this post could be all about my favorite photographs that i have taken of people.

these photo's hail from 2007 and 2010.

i must say that film is most definitely my home boy and i have selected 6 images that best represent my favorite features of film. each pair of images was shot on 3 different cameras and types of film and each pair has their own memories and feelings attached.

ill be blogging more in future about my camera collection and my different experiences of different camera's so maybe, just maybe, if you are thinking about buying a new camera you might just follow my advice.

lets jump right in.

these 2 images were taken on my Lomography Diana. i really like the thought of lomography and a lot of their camera's are actually really good, i own enough to know. these images were shot on medium format black and white ilford 400. they were taken in Febuary 2010.

these 2 images were taken on a Yunon yn 600, a pretty nice little plastic fixed lens camera, with a Diana flash attached. i really like how the colour temperature differs as the roll of film progresses, gotta love plastic cams! they were shot during May 2010 on 35mm Fuji Superia 200 with the sprocket holes scanned.

Finally these two images were taken in December of 2007 and are still two of my favorite photo's i have ever taken. this is for 2 reasons, i had just gotten into photography and i think these two photo's made me realize that maybe i could be a photographer and the fact that they depict that time so well. they were taken on my Pentax K100 using 35mm fuji superia 200.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving Pictures

well how bout that.

turns out a lot of you have a guilty pleasure in reading about my pretty boring views on things, i know at least 4 people that i know of listened to the last mix, and i even gained a follower! wow! thats 9! thanks LC!

in the side panel to your right you will notice a photograph of yours truly and above, and below for some reason, that photograph is a description of what i do. hang on a second, i havnt posted about any of those things other then being a music enthusiast and what the fuck do i know about music?

well apart from photographer i list visualist and apart from creating and triggering visuals live for Double Adapter i make short films in my day to day life as a humble student.

so here are two of them for your eyeballs:

This is just a 15 second claymation that i created for my Digital Arts class. I really like playing with plasticine, its like play dough for adults, if you are an animating adult i guess.

and the 2nd film

This is a short "music video" that i created for my video art class last year. i got the top mark in the class, booyah, and it was featured in the Wits School of Fine Arts top achievers exhibition at the beginning of this year, not bad huh? it is entitled Phosphene and the music is a demo of what would become The Frown

Monday, March 28, 2011

its been some time

Hi all 8 followers

to be honest i was shocked to see i had gained any after a year with out blogging. so thanks very much for checking out my derelict blog every so often.

lots has changed but one thing remains the same.

my taste in music is pretty much exactly the same from when i received my first ipod in 2006 till now. sure i grow to like new music but i dont grow to hate the old. in fact id say its quite the opposite, i come to appreciate it far more.

so i was asked to dj a little tonight at a place called bob rocks in greenside, if you know where i live its right next door. if you feel like coming for a little bit of a wiggle please do. im playing stuff all off my ipod from 2006 and i hope it gives you insight into a confused 16 year old.

so here as a little promo that is ipod2006, 20 minutes of what i listen to. past/present/future.

ill try blog more in the future.