Monday, May 30, 2011

Suicide Tuesday

hey hey hey!

so i know, iv been really awful with this blog, terrible! naughty naughty Flikkerr! its been a great rush around of doing different things since i have returned from europe but i think the time is right to make a come back here and i promise to bring you something slightly interesting to read and something perhaps more interesting to look at in the next few days.

but till then, its Suicide Tuesday Tomorrow!

what does that mean? well generally it means one too many tequila's and a lot of regret the next day. sounds great huh!?

I will be spinning all my favourites for all my favourites! so if you have any requests please let me know :)

Mr. Greg Tucker aka. Destrukto will be joining me with his suitcases of cds.

So pull through to Bob Rocks in Greenside Tomorrow Night from around 8 and perhaps ill buy you a drink from across the room.

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