Tuesday, July 19, 2011

things i have been up to.

well this is unexpected.
really did not think id be writing a blog this week. iv gotten out of joburg for a week and iv down come to visit my parents in their native land of vermont, and i gotta say its pretty freaking amazing. i generally switch off my phone and forget about it, so blogs are normally out of the question.

a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and i guess i didnt realize how tired i really was. its so great to be home near the mountains and ocean.

dont get me wrong! i have had a really great few weeks and i did it right by getting a couple of rolls of film to start it off.

this is what iv done:

melville kopies. chinese food. vida too often. rooftops. cresta missions. guinness. dj'ing. guinness. flights. getting the wrong apartment. stellenbosch. remembering a dream. seeing an old friend in cape town. making new friends. sleeping in. art exhibitions. album artwork. phoenix discography. cheap development. cooking at home. milo drink in a litre box. not shaving. mash up wednesdays. missing mona. sketches. tea. boo. angry boys. late night pizza. a really awesome ice coffee. chocolate brownies. loosing my wallet. rock shows. birthdays. ocean. home. making fires.

im pretty happy right now.

i hope you enjoy the photos. i used the red tinted lamography film for the action sampler shots. more on that later.

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