Friday, December 2, 2011

closed eyes:sunshine

well its been sometime since iv blogged. i dont know why really. i keep going "ok, today is the day for a new entry!" and then something shinny catches my eye and i totally go off on a different tangent for the day.

but thats completely beside the point. this is a new entry. it is a new mixtape for summer. its called "closed eyes:sunshine"

i find when ever i listen to music in summer, especially when im lying in the sun slightly intoxicated, i just kinda get lost in it. thats the feeling i tried to capture with this mix and i hope it comes across.

so when you have a moment or two: find a sunny spot, lie down, put your arm over your eyes, let you body bake and your mind wonder.

its available to stream or download. i hope you enjoy it.

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