Monday, May 10, 2010

past : present



welcome to this the first post of my blog. i used to blog a lot
when i was younger and i guess i kinda missed it. i was inspired to
start one after seeing that someone i knew had started one. hey
face name by the way.

i was struggling to decide what to do with this blog. i felt that it
needed a specific intention. dating an older woman? no. displaying
the latest of my work? no. keeping a diary for everyone to read? no.
listing my favorite music? no. making funny jokes? no.

so what? fuck it. lets do them all. i don't promise that every post will deal
with all of these issues but it will always deal with at least one of them.
well maybe not the dating an older woman one...

i remember that way back in Benrik my first ever post was about my
favorite band, Bloc party. so i think its appropriate that we start with
something new. Tenderoni is the first single off Bloc Party's front man,
Kele Okereke, solo album - The Boxer (releasing june 21st 2010)

just as i was filled with excitement about listening to Silent Alarm i'm
am filled with excitement of what this album will have to offer. Kele
has changed a lot and so have i. well he got buff, i didnt but lets just
pretend that i put some weight on?

change happens so fast. things completely transform themselves in a
matter of moments. attached. single. happy. sad. young. old. hungry.

and while change can be bad it is more often good. let go. fuck. i
dont have all the time in the world. so i have resolved to leave
the past where it belongs and always look to the present, not
the future. im happy in the present.

just as i am sure Kele is.

enjoy the track, i think its a good late night bedroom one.


  1. was it me who inspired you to start one?
    eh? eh? eh?
    like i said, rad first post.

  2. Second post..............:D
    dude im gonna upload a new blog on friday and its gonna kick ass, you do the same!