Tuesday, May 11, 2010

you don’t tell on me I won’t tell on you



lucky you! its another music post! yay yay yay! i couldnt really figure out what the specifics of what this blog were going to be so thought id post a track that i think kinda somes things up nicely.

now i have always loved dragonette but iv only ever had one track, and it was a toxic avenger remix. iv have listened to "take it like a man" so many times and in so many different situations. i think the makings of a really great song are if the lyrics can take on different meanings at different times. if the lyrics can be a positive and negative/ happy and sad that is really impressive.

this is another remix but it has proven itself already as a dragonette classic. i didnt know who the toxic avenger was for a long time, now i know very well, but i hope button bashers prove themselves too, they have a good name.

so how did this song fall into my lap? well it was my brother, Tim, found it. we are currently working on a new double-adapter set for when we open for cyberpunkers. very excited about that, but more about it later. he found a lot of great stuff, super heavy mostly - its a cyberpunkers gig after all, but he sneaked this little gem into the initial play list for me. so that a nice little story.

i think its another late night bedroom track. i think thats because im in my bedroom late at night a a lot. go figure. thats a really good place to be though. i like it. late night is when really cool stuff happens and your bedroom is really comfortable so of course that is where all the best stuff is going to happen. watching movies. chatting online. reading blogs. planning train trips. music in headphones. making out. cuddling. sleeping.

iv done some of those today.some i wish i had done. but lets do the last one.

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