Monday, March 28, 2011

its been some time

Hi all 8 followers

to be honest i was shocked to see i had gained any after a year with out blogging. so thanks very much for checking out my derelict blog every so often.

lots has changed but one thing remains the same.

my taste in music is pretty much exactly the same from when i received my first ipod in 2006 till now. sure i grow to like new music but i dont grow to hate the old. in fact id say its quite the opposite, i come to appreciate it far more.

so i was asked to dj a little tonight at a place called bob rocks in greenside, if you know where i live its right next door. if you feel like coming for a little bit of a wiggle please do. im playing stuff all off my ipod from 2006 and i hope it gives you insight into a confused 16 year old.

so here as a little promo that is ipod2006, 20 minutes of what i listen to. past/present/future.

ill try blog more in the future.

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