Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art Fag. mixtape. song for the day.

Hi. Well for a change im giving Tuesday a break, well in reality Tuesday broke me, and giving Thursday a shot at its old glory. So this Thursday at Bob Rocks in Greenside i am pleased to bring you Art Fag Thursday. its gonna be oh so arty. expect the usual of getting far too drunk, creating some performance art on the dance floor and getting home way after your bed time. Your Dj's for the night are myself and the ever arty Destrukto. You can expect happy hours through out the night to keep your blood alcohol content on a constant uphill.

Ok the next little gem described in the heading of this blog post is a mixtape and this time its from Double Adapter, oh the self promotion, we are Mfm's "band" of the month and are releasing 4 mini mixtapes in the month of june to celebrate this. i was interviewed by them last thursday and was a little too drunk to carry myself properly, i forgot how to spell adapter. whoopsy. so enjoy this mixtape if you are into your pounding techno music.

Double Adapter MFM Mini Mixtape 1 of 4 by DoubleAdapter

And finally here is my song for the day. its only a few hours old but its a tough one. its miike snow with animal.

Later kids.

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