Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Review: Yunon Yn 600

I got this Great little Cam about a year ago and have mentioned it in my previous post about my favourite cameras. its a 50mm fixed glass lens with a plastic body and only 4 settings: Sunny, Sunset, Partly cloudy and cloudy. these photographs were taken when it was brand new, and when i say brand new i mean when i bought it second hand from Deer Hunter in Greenside, the best place to pick up great second hand Cameras! it came in its original box with the warranty and a strap for it. notice the scratches on the lens, that kind of thing makes me super happy. the only issue that i had with it was that it was super fragile and cracked it a few times. i taped it up and it is in perfect, well not perfect, condition. yay for light leaks! hope you enjoy the photographs.

Em at the Junksale

Aliki on the Art house roof

Dstyles keeping it reel.

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