Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a review: Diana wide angle lens


This blog post is about one of my all time favourite cameras and now my one of my favourite lenses. The Diana Comes with a standard 25mm lens that iv never really had a problem with until my ever so kind brother bought me the 38mm super wide angle lens. wow. It is a total game changer when it comes to this camera. I must be honest that i havnt used my Diana in a couple of months, due to the fact that it is a medium format camera and the film is really expensive in relation to the number of photos you get from it, a maximum of 16. With this lens attached however i think i will be using my Diana more and more, especially for photo shoots and the like. The Diana is a great Camera because it allows for a number of attachments that other Lomography camera's do not support but in my opinion without this super wide angle lens you are better off buying a Holga, Diana is about lenses and if you dont collect a few it will never reach its full capability. Here are 4 photo's that i recently took with this lens.


Dstyles smoking some pipe.


i cant remember who this photo is of but i like it.


this image was taken at f.u.c.t. friday, notice the dirt on the lens. awesome.


and finally a photo of my animation Homies.

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